Pathways to Population Health Equity: Practical Framework and Tools

Monday, April 03, 2023 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM   Eastern Standard Time

In order to advance a population health strategy and achieve health equity, public health agencies must develop a well-rounded set of strategies and programs that go beyond the control of disease and prevention of physical conditions. The Pathways to Population Health Equity Framework and accompanying implementation tools are a practical resource for public health practitioners to ensure their portfolios are moving upstream to address the root causes of health conditions and health disparities.

This webinar, held in partnership with Well-being and Equity in the World and CDC, will equip public health leaders with a tactical set of tools to:

  • Establish a common language, purpose, and political will to address population health and health equity
  • Work effectively with partners to build community-centered interventions


  • Somava Saha, MD, MS, Founder and Executive Lead, Well-being and Equity (WE) in the World
  • Laura Chanchien Parajón, MD, MPH, Deputy Secretary of Health, New Mexico Department of Health
  • Allegra Scharff, Chief of Healthcare Equity, Rhode Island Department of Health
  • Marisol Urquizo, COVID Community Engagement Manager, Illinois Department of Public Health
  • Veronica Halloway, Past Chief for Center for Minority Services, Illinois Department of Public Health


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