The following is a list of our committees. Please click on the name of a committee below to view its description, officers and members.

Beth's HL TEST GroupBeth's HL TEST Group

Community Health and Prevention Policy CommitteeCommunity Health and Prevention Policy Committee

The Committee provides policy direction for ASTHO on broad-based health promotion and prevention initiatives. This includes oversight for the Chronic Disease Prevention, Tobacco Prevention and Control, and Injury Prevention cooperative agreements with the CDC. The Committee also has responsibility for nutrition, physical activity, injury, chronic disease risk reduction, and social environments that promote health.

Environmental Health Policy CommitteeEnvironmental Health Policy Committee

The Committee provides unique, state/territorial-based expertise and leadership for environmental public health policy and practice in the areas of the built, natural, and synthetic environments. The Committee actively pursues strengthening the infrastructure and capacity and capabilities of state and territorial health agency-based environmental health programs, targeting surveillance strategies and developing the workforce, in close collaboration with the State Environmental Health Directors Peer Group, among other issues.

Infectious Disease Policy CommitteeInfectious Disease Policy Committee

The Committee assesses policy and programmatic issues and provides subject matter expertise and strategic direction related to the state and territorial role in infectious disease prevention, surveillance and outbreak response. The Committee’s interests and responsibilities encompass a range of legacy and emerging infectious disease policy and tactical issues including bio-surveillance; antimicrobial resistance; immunization access and financing; prevention, care, and treatment of infectious diseases; healthcare-associated infections and patient safety; and pandemic preparedness.

Performance Improvement and Accreditation Policy CommitteePerformance Improvement and Accreditation Policy Committee

The Committee provides leadership and recommendations in the areas of policy, practice, and research to strengthen the ability of ASTHO members and partners to develop and deliver quality public health services and improve health outcomes. The committee provides strategic direction in performance management, quality improvement, accreditation, data to action, financing, return on investment (ROI), and workforce research.

Population Health & Informatics Policy CommitteePopulation Health & Informatics Policy Committee

The Committee provides guidance and direction on policy and programmatic priorities that drive population health improvement strategies. The Committee will suggest policy directions that improve state readiness and capacity to advance best practices in population health improvement and analysis regarding each of the three pillars of population health improvement: public health and health care partnerships to support clinical to community connections; strengthening collaboration and integration between payers, providers, and public health agencies in addressing the social determinants of health and health equity; enhancing state public health agency capacity for advancing technological solutions and systems as well as using health data and informatics to develop and analyze health status improvements.

Public Health Preparedness Policy CommitteePublic Health Preparedness Policy Committee

The Committee provides a critical link with, and represents ASTHO’s best interests to senior leadership of key federal agencies and programs in the preparedness, response, recovery, and community resilience space. The Committee analyzes and provides insightful information to guide the formulation of national policy and strategy, with specific focus on all-hazards public health infrastructure needs, strengthening state and territorial public health readiness capacity and capabilities, and in fulfilling the requirements of the Pandemic and All Hazards Preparedness Act and the National Health Security Strategy, among others.