State and Territorial Health Officials

Alabama Department of Public Health

Scott Harris MD, MPH State Health Officer [BIO]

Alaska Department of Health

Anne Zink MD, FACEP Chief Medical Officer [BIO]

American Samoa Department of Health

Motusa Tuileama Nua Director, Department of Health [BIO]

Arkansas Department of Health


Jennifer A. Dillaha MD Director and State Health Officer S/THO Designee

California Department of Public Health

Tomas Aragon MD, DrPH Director and State Public Health Officer [BIO]

Erica Pan MD, MPH, FAAP State Epidemiologist S/THO Designee

Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment

Jill Hunsaker Ryan MPH Executive Director [BIO]

Connecticut Department of Public Health

Dr. Manisha Juthani MD Commissioner [BIO]

Florida Department of Health

Joseph Ladapo MD, PhD State Surgeon General [BIO]

Georgia Department of Public Health

Kathleen Toomey MD, MPH Commissioner and State Health Officer [BIO]

Government of the Federated States of Micronesia


Moses Pretrick Assistant Secretary for Health SHA Staff

Guam Department of Public Health and Social Services

Arthur U. San Agustin MHR Director of Public Health and Social Services [BIO]

Hawaii State Department of Health

Kenneth Fink MD Director [BIO]

Idaho Department of Health and Welfare

Elke Shaw-Tulloch MHS State Health Officer, Administrator [BIO]

Illinois Department of Public Health

Dr. Sameer Vohra MD, JD, MA Director [BIO]

Indiana Department of Health

Kristina Box MD State Health Commissioner [BIO]

Iowa Department of Health and Human Services

Kelly Garcia MPA Director [BIO]

Robert Kruse MD, MPH, FAAFP State Medical Director S/THO Designee

Kansas Department of Health & Environment

Janet Stanek MBA Secretary [BIO]

Joan Duwve MD, MPH State Health Officer S/THO Designee

Kentucky Department for Public Health

Steven J. Stack MD, MBA Commissioner [BIO]

Louisiana Department of Health

Joseph Kanter MD, MPH State Health Officer [BIO]

Doris Brown Assistant Secretary, Office of Public Health S/THO Designee

Maryland Department of Health

Laura Herrera Scott MD, MPH Secretary of Health [BIO]

Dr. Nilesh Kalyanaraman FACP,MD Deputy Secretary S/THO Designee

Massachusetts Department of Public Health

Margret R Cooke JD Commissioner [BIO]

Michigan Department of Health & Human Services

Elizabeth Hertel MBA Director, Michigan DHHS [BIO]

Natasha Bagdasarian MD, MPH Chief Medical Executive S/THO Designee

Minnesota Department of Health

Brooke Cunningham MD, PhD Health Commissioner [BIO]

Mississippi State Department of Health

Daniel Edney MD, FACP, FASAM State Health Officer [BIO]

Missouri Department of Health & Senior Services

Paula F. Nickelson MA Acting Director [BIO]

Nebraska Department of Health & Human Services

Dannette R Smith MSW Chief Executive Officer [BIO]

Charity Menefee MA Director, Public Health Division S/THO Designee

Nevada Division of Public & Behavioral Health

Lisa Sherych MBA Administrator [BIO]

Ihsan Azzam MD, PhD, MPH Chief Medical Officer S/THO Designee

New Jersey Department of Health

Judith Persichilli RN, BSN, MA Commissioner [BIO]

Margaret Fisher MD Acting Deputy Commissioner S/THO Designee

New Mexico Department of Health

Patrick Allen Cabinet Secretary [BIO]

Laura Parajon MD, MPH Deputy Cabinet Secretary S/THO Designee

North Carolina Division of Public Health

Ms. Susan Kansagra MD, MBA Assistant Secretary for Public Health and State Health Official [BIO]

Dr. Elizabeth Tilson MD, MPH State Health Director & Chief Medical Officer S/THO Designee

North Dakota Department of Health and Human Services

Dr. Nizar Wehbi MD, MPH, MBA State Health Officer [BIO]

Northern Mariana Islands Commonwealth Health Corporation

Esther L. Muña PhD, MHA, FACHE Chief Executive Officer [BIO]

Ohio Department of Health

Bruce Vanderhoff MD, MBA Director of Health [BIO]

Oklahoma State Department of Health

Keith Reed RN, MPH, CPH Commissioner [BIO]

Oregon Health Authority Public Health Division

Rachael Banks MPA Public Health Division Director [BIO]

Pennsylvania Department of Health

Dr. Debra L Bogen MD, FAAP Acting Secretary of Health and Physician General [BIO]

Puerto Rico Department of Health

Carlos Mellado Lopez MD Secretary of Health [BIO]

Republic of Palau Ministry of Health

Mr. Gaafar J. Uherbelau Minister of Health [BIO]

Ms. Sherilynn Madraisau Director, Bureau of Public Health S/THO Designee

Republic of the Marshall Islands Ministry of Health

Joe Bejang Minister of Health & Human Services [BIO]

Jack Niedenthal Secretary of Health & Human Services S/THO Designee

Rhode Island Department of Health

Ana P. Novais MA Acting Secretary, EOHHS [BIO]

South Carolina Department of Health & Environmental Control

Edward Simmer MD, MPH Director [BIO]

Brannon Traxler MD, MPH Director of Public Health S/THO Designee

South Dakota Department of Health

Melissa Magstadt CNP, MBA Secretary of Health [BIO]

Tennessee Department of Health

Ralph Alvarado MD, FACP Commissioner [BIO]

Texas Department of State Health Services

Dr. Jennifer Ann Shuford MD, MPH Commissioner [BIO]

United States Virgin Islands Department of Health

Justa Encarnacion RN, MBA, HCM Health Commissioner & Chief Public Health Officer [BIO]

Utah Department of Health and Human Services

Tracy S. Gruber JD Executive Director [BIO]

Michelle Hofmann MD, MPH Deputy Director S/THO Designee

Vermont Department of Health

Mark A. Levine MD Commissioner of Health [BIO]

Washington State Department of Health

Umair A. Shah MD, MPH Secretary of Health [BIO]

West Virginia Bureau for Public Health

Matthew Q. Christiansen MD, MPH Commissioner [BIO]

Wisconsin Department of Health Services

Paula Tran MPH State Health Officer and Administrator [BIO]

Debra Standridge MPH Deputy Secretary and COVID-19 Incident Commander S/THO Designee

Wyoming Department of Health, Public Health Division

Alexia Harrist MD, PhD State Health Officer [BIO]

Stephanie Pyle MBA Senior Administrator S/THO Designee