State and Territorial Health Officials

Alabama Department of Public Health

Scott Harris MD, MPH, FACP, FIDSA State Health Officer S/THO [BIO]

Alaska Department of Health

Anne Zink MD, FACEP Chief Medical Officer S/THO [BIO]

American Samoa Department of Health

Motusa Tuileama Nua Director, Department of Health S/THO [BIO]

Arizona Department of Health Services

Jennifer Cunico MC Cabinet Executive Officer, Executive Deputy Director S/THO [BIO]

Arkansas Department of Health

Renee Mallory RN, BSN Secretary of Health S/THO [BIO]

Jennifer A. Dillaha MD Director and State Health Officer S/THO Designee

California Department of Public Health

Tomas Aragon MD, DrPH Director and State Public Health Officer S/THO [BIO]

Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment

Jill Hunsaker Ryan MPH Executive Director S/THO [BIO]

Connecticut Department of Public Health

Manisha Juthani MD Commissioner S/THO [BIO]

Delaware Department of Health and Social Services

Mr. Steven Blessing MA Director S/THO [BIO]

District of Columbia Department of Health

Ayanna Bennett MD, MSPH, FAAP Director S/THO [BIO]

Florida Department of Health

Joseph Ladapo MD, PhD State Surgeon General S/THO [BIO]

Georgia Department of Public Health

Kathleen Toomey MD, MPH Commissioner and State Health Officer S/THO [BIO]

Government of the Federated States of Micronesia

Marcus Samo MPH Secretary of Health and Social Affairs S/THO [BIO]

Guam Department of Public Health and Social Services


Peter John Camacho Acting Director S/THO-Acting/Interim

Hawaii State Department of Health

Kenneth Fink MD, MGA, MPH Director S/THO [BIO]

Idaho Department of Health and Welfare

Elke Shaw-Tulloch MHS Division Administrator S/THO [BIO]

Illinois Department of Public Health

Sameer Vohra MD, JD, MA Director S/THO [BIO]

Indiana Department of Health

Lindsay Weaver MD, FACEP State Health Commissioner S/THO [BIO]

Iowa Department of Health and Human Services

Kelly Garcia MPA Director S/THO [BIO]

Robert Kruse MD, MPH, FAAFP State Medical Director S/THO Designee

Kansas Department of Health & Environment

Janet Stanek Secretary S/THO [BIO]

Kentucky Department for Public Health

Steven J. Stack MD, MBA Commissioner S/THO [BIO]

Louisiana Department of Health


Pete Croughan MD Deputy Secretary S/THO-Acting/Interim

Maryland Department of Health

Laura Herrera Scott MD, MPH Secretary of Health S/THO [BIO]

Nilesh Kalyanaraman MD, FACP Deputy Secretary, Public Health S/THO Designee

Massachusetts Department of Public Health

Robert Goldstein MD, PhD Commissioner S/THO [BIO]

Michigan Department of Health & Human Services

Elizabeth Hertel MBA Director, Michigan DHHS S/THO [BIO]

Natasha Bagdasarian MD, MPH, FIDSA Chief Medical Executive S/THO Designee

Minnesota Department of Health

Brooke Cunningham MD, PhD Health Commissioner S/THO [BIO]

Mississippi State Department of Health

Daniel Edney MD, FACP, FASAM State Health Officer S/THO [BIO]

Missouri Department of Health & Senior Services

Paula F. Nickelson MA Director S/THO [BIO]

Montana Department of Public Health & Human Services

Douglas Harrington MD State Medical Officer S/THO [BIO]

Nebraska Department of Health & Human Services

Steve Corsi PsyD Chief Executive Officer S/THO [BIO]

Charity Menefee MA Director, Public Health Division S/THO Designee

Nevada Division of Public & Behavioral Health

Cody L. Phinney MPH Administrator S/THO [BIO]

Ihsan Azzam MD, PhD, MPH Chief Medical Officer S/THO Designee

New Hampshire Department of Health & Human Services

Patricia Tilley MS Ed Associate Commissioner S/THO [BIO]

New Jersey Department of Health

Kaitlan Baston MD, MSc, DFASAM Acting Commissioner S/THO-Acting/Interim [BIO]

New Mexico Department of Health

Patrick Allen Cabinet Secretary S/THO [BIO]

Miranda Durham MD Chief Medical Officer S/THO Designee

New York State Department of Health

James McDonald MD, MPH Commissioner S/THO [BIO]

North Carolina Division of Public Health

Susan Kansagra MD, MBA State Health Officer & Assistant Secretary for Public Health S/THO [BIO]

Elizabeth Tilson MD, MPH State Health Director & Chief Medical Officer S/THO Designee

North Dakota Department of Health and Human Services

Nizar Wehbi MD, MPH, MBA, FACHE, CPH State Health Officer S/THO [BIO]

Northern Mariana Islands Commonwealth Health Corporation

Esther L. Muña PhD, MHA, FACHE Chief Executive Officer S/THO [BIO]

Ohio Department of Health

Bruce Vanderhoff MD, MBA Director of Health S/THO [BIO]

Oklahoma State Department of Health

Keith Reed RN, MPH, CPH Commissioner S/THO [BIO]

Oregon Health Authority Public Health Division

Sejal Hathi MD, MBA Director (CEO) S/THO [BIO]

Cara Biddlecom MPH Interim Public Health Director S/THO Designee

Pennsylvania Department of Health

Debra L Bogen MD, FAAP Acting Secretary of Health and Physician General S/THO [BIO]

Puerto Rico Department of Health

Carlos Mellado Lopez MD Secretary of Health S/THO [BIO]

Republic of Palau Ministry of Health and Human Services

Gaafar J. Uherbelau Minister of Health & Human Services S/THO [BIO]

Sherilynn Madraisau Director, Bureau of Public Health & Human Services S/THO Designee

Republic of the Marshall Islands Ministry of Health

Ota Kisino Minister of Health & Human Services S/THO [BIO]

Francyne Wase-Jacklick Secretary of Health and Human Services S/THO Designee

Rhode Island Department of Health

Staci Fischer MD Interim Director S/THO-Acting/Interim [BIO]

Utpala Bandy MD

South Carolina Department of Health & Environmental Control

Edward Simmer MD, MPH Director S/THO [BIO]

Brannon Traxler MD, MPH Director of Public Health S/THO Designee

South Dakota Department of Health

Melissa Magstadt CNP, MBA Secretary of Health S/THO [BIO]

Tennessee Department of Health

Ralph Alvarado MD, FACP Commissioner S/THO [BIO]

Texas Department of State Health Services

Jennifer Ann Shuford MD, MPH Commissioner S/THO [BIO]

United States Virgin Islands Department of Health

Justa Encarnacion RN, MBA, HCM Health Commissioner & Chief Public Health Officer S/THO [BIO]

Utah Department of Health and Human Services

Tracy S. Gruber JD Executive Director S/THO [BIO]

Michelle Hofmann MD, MPH, MHCDS Executive Medical Director S/THO Designee

Vermont Department of Health

Mark A. Levine MD Commissioner of Health S/THO [BIO]

Virginia Department of Health

Karen E. Shelton MD State Health Commissioner S/THO [BIO]

Washington State Department of Health

Umair A. Shah MD, MPH Secretary of Health S/THO [BIO]

West Virginia Bureau for Public Health

Matthew Q. Christiansen MD, MPH State Health Officer & Commissioner S/THO [BIO]

Wisconsin Department of Health Services

Paula Tran MPH State Health Officer and Administrator S/THO [BIO]

Wyoming Department of Health, Public Health Division

Alexia Harrist MD, PhD State Health Officer S/THO [BIO]

Stephanie Pyle MBA Senior Administrator S/THO Designee